Coworkers United By Shared Experience

Christophe Dumont and Christophe Sarrazin have much more in common than most. In addition to having the same given name, both work at Domaine de Sommery, a company specializing in egg packaging in Vaudebarrier, France. Both live in the Bourgogne-Franche-Comté region. Both enjoy sports — Christophe Sarrazin is an avid sports fan, while Christophe Dumont plays soccer, walks, swims and cycles in his free time.

Colleagues for more than 15 years, their shared characteristics broadened one Spring morning to include an experience that neither will soon forget.

Christophe Dumont went to work as usual, beginning the day feeling fine. At 7:00 a.m., he experienced minor but fleeting chest pain. By 8:30 a.m. the chest pain had returned. Not wanting to panic anyone, he waited for his break and had a proper rest and enjoyed the company of his coworkers. He returned to the warehouse feeling better. Then, around 10 a.m., Christophe suddenly fell unconscious.

Both believe that having an easily accessible AED — and coworkers who know how to use it — are of vital importance in any workplace.

From unnerved to empowered

Coworkers weren’t sure what to do and a feeling of panic began to set in. Elsewhere in the warehouse, Christophe Sarrazin was informed that his coworker wasn’t breathing and was unresponsive. He suspected sudden cardiac arrest (SCA) and took matters into his own hands.

He grabbed the ZOLL AED Plus® automated external defibrillator (AED) that Domaine de Sommery keeps on site and ran to where Christophe Dumont had collapsed. He called 112, secured the area, and attached the AED to Christophe’s bare chest. After one cycle of cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR), the AED Plus recommended and delivered a shock. He continued CPR for 13 minutes, following the guidance from the AED to push harder or faster, as needed. During that time, the AED defibrillated Christophe three times. After the third shock, Christophe regained consciousness.

Left to right: Christophe Sarrazin (rescuer) and Christophe Dumont (survivor).

Slow but steady path forward

Christophe awoke to emergency services personnel and firefighters surrounding him. He had no memory of what had just occurred. He was transported to Macon Hospital, where doctors discovered he had a blocked artery. They implanted a stent to open the artery and after some time in rehabilitation, Christophe returned home. Eventually he was able to return to work and resume cycling under the care of his cardiologist.

This experience has created a special relationship between the two Christophes. While the specific events of the day are pleasantly becoming a distant memory, the gratitude Christophe Dumont feels is not. He is thankful that Christophe Sarrazin had experience using the AED during a previous incident and knew how to react when he collapsed. Both believe that having an easily accessible AED — and coworkers who know how to use it — are of vital importance in any workplace.

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