Honouring Heroes and Survivors
of Sudden Cardiac Arrest

When someone collapses from SCA, time is of the essence. Quick action from bystanders and first responders can make the difference between life and death.

The Heroes for Life programme enables ZOLL and SCA survivors to recognise the heroes who help save a life using a ZOLL AED. From the person who decided to purchase the AED, to the unexpected heroes who stepped in to help administer CPR and use the ZOLL AED, to the EMS team providing the next line of critical care – their efforts made a difference. That is something to be proud of.

Meet the Heroes.
Meet the Survivors.

Hear their incredible stories.

Helping Save
More Lives

ZOLL is committed to making AEDs readily available to the public and helping save more lives. As part of our Heroes for Life programme, when a survivor agrees to share their ZOLL AED save story, he or she will be presented with a ZOLL AED to donate to their charity of choice. This is a way to celebrate our survivors and allow them to pay it forward to help another SCA victim.

By sharing SCA rescue stories, we can emphasise the critical role bystanders play in helping to increase the odds of survival. It is also a way to educate people about the importance of administering high-quality CPR and using an AED to restore a normal heart rhythm.

Share Your Story

Were you an unexpected hero who helped save an SCA victim using a ZOLL AED? Are you an SCA survivor who was saved with the use of a ZOLL AED? If you are an SCA survivor, a bystander who stepped in to help, or a professional rescuer, and a ZOLL AED was used, we want to hear your story.

Simply fill in the form, and a ZOLL representative will reach out to you to capture your story.

Anything can happen. Anyone can help.